Gulf State Country Information

There is more to the United Arab Emirates than Dubai.  Abu Dhabi and Sharja are also large prosperous cities in the UAE. To the north of UAE are the strategic Straights of Hormus. To the East is the country of Oman with it's beautiful Indian Ocean beaches and historic forts.  These Gulf states not only share a common border but also nomadic Bedouin ancestors which only a generation ago roamed the Arabian peninsula without borders.

Economy of the United Arab Emirates

Oil and gas are the major economic drivers of the UAE economy. Wise UAE Sheiks are investing in large tourism, information technology and property development projects which will keep the economy of UAE going long after oil and gas reserves are hotels Dubai The currency in the United Arab Emirates is the Rhyal as it is in other Arabian Gulf states.

Map of United Arab Emirates.

Zoom in on the interactive map of UAE starting at the map of Dubai. It's a street map of UAE showing roads throughout the country. It's a satellite map of UAE. Pan to neighbouring country maps of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman to the east.

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Time In United Arab Emirates

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