This interactive Google map of Dubai is powered by Google Maps.  Zoom down to the street map of Dubai.  Zoom out to show Arab Emirate borders on the political map of the Arab Emirates, in Arabian Gulf Countries. Borders between Arab countries shown on the map have been loosely defined. Just before I lived in Qatar, access by road between these two Arab states was easy because Qatar and UAE shared a common border but their powerful neighbour to the south, Saudi Arabia, annexed border land between UAE and Qatar so now borders showing on the map of the Arabian peninsula show no common border between Qatar and UAE.  Travellers by road between Qatar and UAE should check the map of Arabia and travel documentation before embarking on a journey. This is extreme desert country so water is a must have item. So too are maps.  Oman is the Arab country to the east of Dubai, UAE so use the hand grab and drag method to move from the map of Dubai to the map of Oman. South of the map of Dubai you'll find the map of Abu Dhabi another city of UAE. North of the map of Dubai will show a map of the Arabian Gulf or as the Iranians like to call it, the Persian Gulf.

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